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Tree Risk Assessment

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If trees are your responsibility and there is a risk of them causing damage or harm, regular inspections should be scheduled and recorded. The timing of these inspections will depend on the age, species, size and condition of the trees and the use of the land in which they are growing.

Why have a tree health and safety inspection?
  • Identify potential tree hazards

  • Reduce risk of tree related damage to acceptable levels

  • Improve quality of tree stock

  • Provide information to enable decision making

  • Reduce stress of home buying

How tree and safety inspections are carried out
  • Visual Tree Assessment (VTA)

  • Assessment of high risk target areas where people and assets come into contact with trees (target can be moved in some cases, i.e. footpaths and trees can be retained)

  • Pest and disease identification

  • Detailed tree defect and stability analysis

  • Provide plans and tree schedules in computerised or paper format to enable recommendations to be easily actioned

  • Internal decay detection using the following:

  1. Climbing inspections

  2. Resistograph

  3. Picus Tomograph

Tree facts

To determine the age of a live tree,divide the tree trunk circumference by 1.5-2.5

*The Royal Forestry Society

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