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Oxygen produced

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Carbon storage

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Circumference, age
and density

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CAVAT value

Challice Consulting Ltd. has been involved in a range of consultancy projects for over twenty years. We've been producing studies and reports for planning, tree risk assessment, woodland management and mortgage reports. 

Our expertise and scientific knowledge can help identify any potential issues and create solutions for each individual project. 

Not only can we assess the overall value of the trees in question but also their  benefits to the surrounding area and environmental impact. 

Here are just a few of the areas which we measure: 

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Tree height

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Photosynthetic efficiency

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CO2 sequestered

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Water absorbtion

Our Reports

Here is an example of what you can expect from our in-depth tree survey reports

CC_Tree Report_D4.0_No Details.jpg
CC_Tree Report_D4.0_No Details2.jpg
CC_Tree Report_D4.0_No Details3.jpg

Our Projects 

Have a look at some of the projects we've been working on recently

See the work we undertook for
this project

See the work we undertook for
this project

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All Videos

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Tree facts

There are over sixty UK native trees that
colonised the land when the glaciers receded

*The Woodland Trust

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