Woodland Management

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With the ever-increasing urban sprawl, our woodlands and open spaces are becoming gems that need to be appreciated and maintained for all the inhabitants of this island. 

Why do we carry out woodland management?
  • To improve and enhance the local tree stock and nature conservation

  • To provide sustainable income where possible

  • To provide accessible amenity spaces for all to enjoy

Tree and woodland management methods
  • Education of owners, residents, casual visitors etc; to improve understanding of the importance of trees

  • Produce detailed schedules and plans to allow management decisions based on sound and current knowledge of existing tree stock

  •  Design tree planting schemes to improve diversification, age class distribution, nature conservation, screening, visual interest, shade and education

  • Improving access to quality parts of woodland for all ages and abilities

  • Identify local markets for woodland produce

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Tree facts

An ancient tree has passed maturity and is actually in the third and final stage of its life

*The Woodland Trust


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